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..the most scary days are done, shooting Norway´s first disaster movie, “the Wave”

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One of the most beautiful valleys in Norway. One night, a big part of the mountain falls in to the fjord and create an enormous wave - a 70 meter high tsunami . The "wave sequence" in the film "The Wave", produced by...

jury’s Special Grand Prix for A Thousand Times Good Night in Montreal

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The first A Thousand Times Good Night  Review in The Hollywood Reporter 11:25 AM PDT 9/3/2013 by John DeFore / original web:

Canon K35 prime lenses for “A thousand Times Good Night”

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One important visual success factor for the feature film "A Thousand Times Good Night" relate to a series of older lenses, the Canon K35. The lens was originally suggested by the Norwegian DP Gaute Gunnari and Krypto...

A Thousand Times Good Night in post production

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 I look forward to soon start color grading my last feature, " A Thousand Times Goodnight" , starring Juliette Binochet. Some few days before Christmas, we did the last set up, a 1000fps explosion in Ouarzazate...

The first screen grabs from 1001 grams

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This is the first screen grab from Bent Hamer´s new film 1001 grams. I feel very privileged to be working on this movie .We now done 3 days of shooting. One of our most talented Norwegian actress Ane Dahl Torp i...

the most excellent crew and cast !

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I feel very grateful.  The Heavy Water War project have been one of my best film experience. Why ? I arrive on the set five o clock in the morning, get my first coffe from the always smiling craft-service, fighting t...

stopping the Hitlers Atomic bomb

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The project called " The heavy water war" have got it´s green-light. The heavy water war is a 6x 45 minute TV drama from the war about Hitler´s urge to develop the atom bomb - and with this enormous  powe...

octocopter inside the National Museum of Prague

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how to capture a large room - like this one - in one long camera-movement ? The "heavy Water War" story needed an camera movement that could reveal the grand hall of the National Museum of Prague in the most impressi...

1001 grams. it is all about measure…

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I am in pre production for Bent Hamer´s next movie 1001 Grams. As y understand - it does have something to do with measurement . The measurable values  like the kilogram - up agains unpredictable Love . The kilogram i...

100.000 watt gives “moon” the entire Gaustatoppen-valley

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Last night we did our first real night scenes in the mountains - for the "heavy water war". The weather was definitely on our side. This night  was our first night with clear sky for a very long time... The  100.00...

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