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One important visual success factor for the feature film “A Thousand Times Good Night” relate to a series of older lenses, the Canon K35.

The lens was originally suggested by the Norwegian DP Gaute Gunnari and Krypton Film. He personally gave me some lenses for testing and I fell in love. The K35 was created way back in the 70´s. They are lightweight with F stop of  1.3. They read light in a unique way, specially in the mid.tones. K35 create a beautiful soft skin tone without the feeling of a soft-filter.  All medium and close up´s of Juliette Binoche was shot with those lenses at F stop 1.3-2.0.

Unfortunately, the production had to move the main shoot from Norway to Ireland cause of money,  and I was not able to get Gaute´s set on the show. Luckily enough, a local rental house in Dublin hade exactly the same lenses.

A big thanks  to Gaute that gave me the possibility to learn about this amazing vintage lenses. 


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