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The official Norwegian Foreign-Language submission for the 2016 Academy​ ​Awards and Golden Globes, The King’s Choice is based on actual events that took place​ ​over three dramatic days in April 1940. Directed by Erik Poppe (1,000 Times Good Night), the​ ​film is a meticulously researched account of the human drama behind of one of the most​ ​significant moments in modern Norwegian history. Directed By Erik Poppe. Cinematography by John Christian Rosenlund, FNF. Produced by Stein B Kvae and Finn Gjerdrum/ Paradox
AwardsLine’s Screening Series features several of the season’s most buzzed about films. Deadline’s Dominic Patten will be on-hand for Q&A’s with directors and talent, offering insight into the magic behind the scenes.




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