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how to capture a large room – like this one – in one long camera-movement ?

nobel_prize roomThe “heavy Water War” story needed an camera movement that could reveal the grand hall of the National Museum of Prague in the most impressive way, the opening shot of the nobel prize ceremony (stand in for the Nobel Prize in Stockholm).

The camera starts by showing a wide shot of the amazing room,   then moving over the entire room to a medium shot of the door on the other side – impossible to do with a crane.

This is the first time i used an  Octocopter , the new The CineStar 8 HL  with the gyro stabilized head and a RED EPIC .

The shot is very stable and the Octocopter did the job perfectly. I hope to use the same rig on the winter shoot in Norway in a very short time.

The still ongoing “the heavy water war” ( we are shooting until February 20. 2014) is a Mini TV series from the 2. World war, shot on 2x Alexa. Except the scenes with the CineStar that require the lesser weight of a RED.

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