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I feel very grateful.  The Heavy Water War project have been one of my best film experience. Why ?

gutta på vei mot vemorkI arrive on the set five o clock in the morning, get my first coffe from the always smiling craft-service, fighting the wind with my excellent grip and light crew,  leaving the set 12 hours later,  minus 17 c, snowstorm and a still smiling camera crew.

Since late summer I have been a part of the most excellent crew – and cast – where the filmmaking have been surrounded by smiles. Of cause I know that some of  you have ton´s of problems to deal with. And yes – we have experienced  some tough winter nights  together. But y all have the great ability to smile.

You know that a smile create a new smile, create a new smile,  and the best performance  – behind and in front of the camera.


The amazing journey of 68 shooting days with the heavy water war is now over.  I will have a smile on my face for a long long time and remember y all in my heart . Thank you for bringing your smile with you to this project.  :-)



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